Downloaded from: Telegram Member Adder Script. All features are described below
Login :- Using this option you can login your telegran account
Banfilter + remover :- This filter can remove your banned account
spambotchecker + remover :- This option will check your account is limited or not and also can remove limited account
Scraper :- This is normal scraper. By this scraper you can scraper more than 200k member from Groups/Channel
Private Scraper :- This scraper can scraper members from private Group/Channel 6. Daily Filter :- This filter scrapes members who are online in the last 24 hours
Weekly Filter :- This filter scrapes members who are online in the last 7 days
Scrap Admin :- This scraper can only scrape Admins in Group/Channel
Monthly Filter :- This filter scrapes members who are online in the last 7 weeks 10. Non Active Filter :- This can scraper member Last seen a long time ago
DeleteAlreadyMember :- This is a type of filter that can remove scraped already member in data.csv
Set Profile Pic :- By this you can set pic on your accounts
Delete Profile Pic :- Delete profile pic on you accounts.
Auto Add Contact For Phone :- This can add member in you account’s contacts. 15. Delete Contact :- Remove all contact in your accounts.
👇👇👇 ♻
Bulk Adder :- This can add bulk member in groups.
Adder :- Best Adder
Telegran OTP Viewer :- Views telegram otp messages
Send Message :- Send Message to Group members you can use this for promotion 20. Report Spam A User :- Report A User who spam in Groups or PM/DM
Scam Tag :- Give scam tag to scammers. 22. Exit :- Quit the script
Join Telegram :- @FoxModd
Step 1:- First Login your account in Script by option 1
Step 2:- Second use scraper option 4 then you can add member Step 3:- Use Adder for best Adding
Run all the command in termux
termux-setup-storage apt update
apt upgrade
apt install python pkg install git
pip install colorama
Now extract in your file manager and copy script location Now go to script directory in termux
by using this command
cd /sdcard/(folder where you extract the zip file)
Now run the command :- python
Now all Process is completed.
How to use :-
Edit config.ini from your file manager or any third party text editor application. Now Fill required value.
All are explained here
From Group = In this section link of group from where you want to SCRAPE member will be entered here
To Group = In this section link of group from where you want to ADD member will be entered here
GroupID = in this section you need to add group add of group ( Group id will get you from bot added in group where you want to add member as example the group id will look like this -1001561952101 )
PhoneNumber = Enter phone number here only 1 number for using ‘user id adder’ you need to add multiple phone number like this 17312031527, 12612021971 but for username use single number here
EnterStop = No need to edit this
How to solve Telegram Account Ban
First Download OpenVpn App from Playstore.
Download openvpn config here Select config in OpenVpn app then connect it.
Stop vpn everytime when you login a account in script and every time when you add. Its Tested, so no more ban. Use Telegram Member Adder

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