How To Get US Number For Free

1st. Download Google Voice from play store.

2nd. Get Ur client number tell him or her that a code will be sent to him or her.

3rd. You will open your Google Voice and it will ask for Gmail click on the Gmail u wanna use.

4th. You will be asked to link your number so link the number u get from your client, and a code will be sent to your client get it and verify your account.

5th. Then go get your US number you can search for you state and city of choice, when appeared click on any number of your choice then it will be link to your Google Voice.

6th. Go to settings remove your client number from receiving calls or messages so calls won’t be diverted to your client phone. This will be done after you finish setting up from 1 to 5.

7th. You are good to go, download Business WhatsApp use your US number and open the WhatsApp,  a code will be sent to your Google Voice App to verify. And same with Facebook.

8th. You can also message your client over there via Google Voice App.

9th. A strong VPN is required…

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